Promotional Calendars Are Still Prominent and Profitable

Do you miss those « real » calendars now that you’ve got your Blackberry, iPhone, or other hand held portable digital device? Are you tired of always needing to refer to your online calendar? If so, you’re not alone! Distributors of desk calendars and wall calendars have had a slice taken out of their business, it’s true, but they are far from extinct.

Makers of desk and wall promotional calendars have gotten very creative in order to continue to compete and profit in this digital age. If you’re a business products distributor, there are plenty of desk-top and wall calendars out there for you to get a hold of and sell to your business clients, both for their use and for them to give away as promotional items to their clients. And, if you are in business and you want to impress clients and prospects with your sense of taste and class (or if you are a little tired of the PDA calendar yourself), you may want to check out what makers of calendars are offering for the 21st century.

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